The Bear Cake

The bear cake is as it sounds, a two layer cake with a bear head on the top. This cake I designed, after being inspired by the new life spring should bring us. However as this is England, I’m not going to hold my breath.

I used a basic chocolate cake, my favourite is the hummingbird bakeries, when I had made it, I split the mixture between two 9inch cake tins. After they had cooled, I prepared a piping bag filled with chocolate buttercream. I used the buttercream to create the fur, for the bear, and I did this by piping in, soft spikes. To achieve this you have to get the buttercream into soft peaks (like with egg whites) and then pipe spikes all over the cake.

For the face I white fondant which I coloured different shades of brown using different amounts of coca powder. I then used a large round cutter or a round shape to cut around, such as a lid from a round box, to cut out the face. And then I used different sized cutters for the mouth, eyes, and ears, and then I hand shaped the nose.